Meet Dr. From Upper Eastside NY

Meet Dr. Robert From

Robert From, DDS

Dr. Robert From was only 22 when he decided to go back to school and complete the prerequisites for Pre-Med or Pre-Dental. He applied to Dental School because he thought he might want to be an Orthodontist, having gone through braces and liking his doctor. He realized he enjoyed general dentistry after four years of dental school. After working for a dentist for one year after graduation, he opened his own practice with a good friend from dental school. The rest, as they say, is history. Dr. Robert From is a member of several groups; The First District Dental Society, the ADA, and Bike New York, which arranges long-distance bicycle tours of upstate New York. He is also a member of a book club, which meets once a month at member’s apartment to discuss a book recently read by the group. Dr. Robert From feels there is a sense of belonging to something bigger than himself at National Dental. He enjoys the feeling that National Dental is working toward a common goal, and in that respect, he doesn’t want to let the team down. He loves the fact that National Dental has made the capital investment in the Yorkville office, because as dentists, tools are our livelihood, and he has been given the best tools to work with. Dr. From has more interests than he knows what to do with. His first priority is spending time with his 16 year-old daughter, who is off to college after next year. He is a long-distance cycler, and on most weekends, you’ll find him riding over the GW bridge for a nice long ride. He has also been playing guitar for many years, and in the winter, enjoys skiing, mainly out West. Dr. From also happens to be a fairly decent cook, and after exercising, he loves to cook a tasty, healthy meal.

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