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What Makes All on 4 Dental Implants So Great?

The performance and price of full arch dental implants can vary, spanning entry-level to premium grade. Where price and performance intersect, you’ll find All on 4 dental implants. The system is price-efficient, yet still nears the performance of natural teeth. Take a look at what makes All on 4 dental implants so great and then see how this solution stacks up against other tiers.

What Makes All on 4 Different

Full arch dental implant solutions are designed to replace a full “arch,” a row of teeth. Up to eight implants may be used per arch, totaling 16 dental implants to support a full mouth of replacement teeth. All on 4 has condensed it to just four implants, sacrificing a bit of performance to deliver much more affordability, value and other benefits to patients.

All on 4 uses advanced planning and plotting software to help your dentist determine exactly where to place each implant and how to angle each one in order to maximize the support they give replacement teeth.

Additional Benefits of All on 4

Though there are some options that deliver slightly better performance than All on 4, there are benefits of All on 4 that extend beyond performance and prices:

Quick placement – a full set of dental implants can be placed in a single appointment. For All on 4, that short amount of time is much shorter.

Get teeth faster – for the strongest of dental implant candidates, they can get their temporary teeth in as few as 48 hours after having their All on 4 dental implants placed – no need to wear dentures for weeks or months while waiting for the final restoration.

Shorter recovery period – it’ll take months of healing before you get your final restoration. With fewer implants required, healing is often shorter with All on 4.

Talk with a Dentist in Manhattan, NY

Take a moment to reserve an appointment with a dentist in Manhattan, NY to learn more about your options for All on 4 dental implants and other dental implant solutions. 

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