What Happens During the Dental Implant Placement Procedure?

What Happens During the Dental Implant Placement Procedure?

Getting dental implants placed is a life-changing event. However, even people who haven’t enjoyed a full set of teeth in years may be a bit hesitant to take the next step towards replacing missing teeth with implants because of dental anxieties. But a better understanding of what to expect can take at least some of the anxiety out of the lead-up to the procedure. Take a high-level look at the dental implant placement procedure and get a better idea of what to expect.

At the Start of the Procedure

Before your procedure gets underway, the dental staff will give you a local anesthetic and possibly antibiotics – which are more likely to be recommended if your immune system is especially at risk.

If you feel you need something to keep your dental anxieties down, you may also be given a sedative to slow your mind’s racing thoughts.

The Procedure

With the implant site numbed with a local anesthetic, your dentist will make a small incision in the gums to access the bone underneath. They will then drill a thin hole into the jawbone. The dental implant will be screwed into the hole.

After your implants have been inserted into the jawbone, your dentist may use digital imaging to review the implant’s position. If it all looks great, you’ll have your gums stitched together and they should heal in just a few days.

After the Procedure

At the end of your appointment, you’ll likely be prescribed or recommended pain medication and antibiotics to keep the implant site clean over the months it’ll need to heal.

You’ll likely need a follow-up appointment in a week or so to have the stitches removed from your gums. It won’t be until at least four months after your implants and jawbone have fully fused that you’ll get the permanent attachments, such as dental crowns or implant-supported dentures.

Find Out More

Set up a time to talk with a local dentist and learn more about your options for getting dental implants in Manhattan, NY. 

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